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Travelling and Clean Eating: Fail

Last week we decided to go visit my parents, who live across the province. Literally. We drove all the way across the province. With an infant. Yes we are crazy.

Normally, road trips are fuelled with gas station grub including, but not limited to, beef jerky (read: sodium overload), chocolate bars, chips, candy, and pop.  I decided to try and make our trip a little healthier.

The night before we left I cut up a couple carrots into match sticks, created my own trail mix using dark, organic chocolate chips, peanuts, almonds and walnuts. I had my two Brita water bottles filled and chilled, ready to go for the morning.

I forgot the water in the fridge when we left, despite being beside the rest of the food I had packed. The carrots were gone by 10:00am (about 4 hours into our journey), but my husband really enjoyed the trail mix. The nuts really gave him that extra energy needed before we stopped for lunch.

About half way into our journey we really needed to stop to stretch our legs and get the baby some time out of the car seat. It was about 6 hours in and I’m sure it was time to feed him. (My breasts were huge and starting to leak!)

Thats where my clean eating took a nose dive. Not that I went for McDonald’s but it probably wasn’t the cleanest of eating either. We stopped for lunch at a popular sandwich shop that I am not going to name (Hint: it has been said that their bread contains the same ingredients as yoga mats??).

My husband and I shared a larger sandwich of spicy italian deli meats, probably loaded with preservatives and salt.

Once we got to my parents house it was pretty late and my mom had ordered pizza. I cant turn down my gracious host’s offering, so I ate pizza. Four slices of pepperoni goodness.

The rest of the weekend wasn’t much better. I went out with friends for some lunch to catch up. While I did order a spinach salad, I also ordered a cranberry juice which I am pretty sure was cranberry cocktail (i.e., sugar water with flavour).

We went out for a fancy prime rib (not so lean) dinner loaded with homemade spatzle and steamed veggies. I ordered the 10oz cut.

Mom made spaghetti with white (gasp) pasta, and before that we stopped for appetizers and snacked on pulled pork sliders and a margarita flatbread washed down with a caesar.

We did have one good clean meal with BBQ chicken, grilled shrimp and a garden salad.

On the trip home we loaded up on the pop, candy and chocolate bars at the gas stations, Tim Horton’s for breakfast and ended the day with a pizza, because by the time we got home, I was not cooking. Plus we had no food in our fridge.

So not the greatest time to write up a blog post on clean eating. Road Trip: Fail.

However, when I weighed in the next morning I remained at 125.6 lbs. But I didn’t feel good about it, mentally and physically. I know when your on vacation you should let loose and not worry about what you eat. But by the end of the trip, I am back to feeling exhausted, my son is irritable, and I am losing the motivation to keep eating clean and healthy.

My cravings for the sweet and sinful are returning. I must get back on track. We have been back for 4 days now and it’s time to get my (our) butts in gear. I feel like I haven’t exercised in months. I am going to start walking everyday now, eventually leading up to running.

Starting tomorrow.

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2 Month Mark


I was so excited to see this on the scale this morning! Especially after the Blizzards we splurged on last night! If you remember, I started this clean eating experiment at 135.6 and am now down 10lbs in just 2 months while remaining quite sedentary.

I also have a TON of energy today. Here’s how the day went:

7:30am           Get up early and eat my strawberry overnight oats for breakfast.

8:00am          Half-ass watch Rachel Ray while contemplating my new blog post.

9:00am          Enter a few invoices, print off a couple cheques for suppliers and gather the necessary paperwork for a trip to the office.

10:00am        Pack baby in carseat, grab diaper bag and laptop bag and head out the door.

10:01am         Lock the door

10:01:30am   Baby loudly expels his breakfast into his diaper.

10:02:45am   Unlock door and go inside to change baby.

10:45am          Arrive at the office and let co-workers coo over the baby while casually talking about dropping our children on their heads (by accident) and the different types of poopy diapers.

11:15am           Said baby starts fussing and boss is no where to be found to touch base with before the long weekend, so I pack him up to leave (the baby, not my boss).

11:16am           Boss arrives. Unpack baby.

11:45am           Finish touching base with my boss before the long weekend then head home where I completed some more work, getting statements out to all of our customers.

1:15pm              Realize I haven’t had lunch yet so I make fried eggs on whole grain toast with grilled tomatoes, spinach and hummus.

1:20pm             Sit down to eat said lunch.

1:21pm              Baby decides he’s hungry. Feed said baby.

1:35pm              Eat cold lunch. It’s still good.

1:50pm             Get some house work done. Cleaned the kitchen, cleaned both bathrooms, tidied the living room and bedroom, and did a load of laundry.

2:30pm             Enjoy nice play shesh with the little guy.

2:45pm              Monster wants to eat again.

3:00pm              Said monster finally falls asleep.

4:45pm              Fold laundry. Child still sleeping.

4:57pm              Realise I forgot to send out some important work emails before the long weekend. Quickly start up the computer and fire them off. Baby still sleeping

5:00pm              Tired, starving husband arrives home from work. My little angel is STILL sleeping.

5:15pm               Make vegetarian black bean chilli from the clean eating challenge.

6:00pm               Serve up said chilli.

6:01pm               Child wants to feed again.

6:30pm               Finally wolf down dinner. Husband goes in for seconds.

7:30pm               Husband baths the baby while I clean up the kitchen and watch Jeopardy (it’s my guilty pleasure).

8:00pm              Husband wants to retire early but I still have so much energy so I decide to write this post.

8:05pm               The monster wants the boob again.


It is now almost 9:00pm and I am just completing this post. The terror is driving my husband nuts, as he is trying to relax and fall asleep, so I better sign off for today.

By the way, I accomplished all of this without any coffee!


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I have a confession… I haven’t been so good lately with my clean eating.

There were temptations lurking all around my kitchen just begging to be consumed. And I really wanted a steak… or three.

Since starting my clean eating experiment I have cheated in the following ways:

  1. I had one ginger ale per week in weeks 2, 3 and 4. Sometimes I sneak a sip of my husband’s coke.
  2. I drink beer once in a while. Like, one after my son goes to bed and only two or three times a week. And its not some gluten free, craft beer either. It’s good ol’ fashioned Lucky Lager. (Hey, I am an islander.)
  3. I sometimes skip meals and my snacks have become non existent. This has only been happening for the last week or so.
  4. I bought some steaks two weeks ago and we BBQ’d a couple of them up. They were so good I had them again the following week. No the cow wasn’t grass fed. Actually, I don’t know what the cow was eating. Probably a shit ton of hormones and chemicals.
  5. Last night I had white bread…AND IT WAS DELICIOUS!
  6. Last night I also had enough meat to last for a whole week. There were prawn skewers and chicken covered in bruschetta and thick juicy steaks! In my defence, we were at someone else’s house and you can’t turn down what your host puts in front of you, it would be rude…There was also chocolate bunt cake.
  7. I had white pasta, but you already knew that if you have been keeping up with my blog. Go to the post about Day 30 to find out why I will keep white pasta in my pantry.
  8. I drink coffee. Once a day. I need that morning jolt! I finished the artificial coffee creamer I had left in my fridge and have vowed to never buy it again.

This last week has been the hardest trying to stick with a clean eating plan because we have had family in town visiting and there was a lot of eating outside of my kitchen and only so much I could control.

Also, I think my son is teething and he’s turned into a little psycho, making my nerves a little frayed and little to no time to do elaborate meal planning. I’m surprised (and quite proud) I haven’t hit up McDonald’s yet.

Even though I am down to 127.2 lbs (from 135.6 lbs), I have been feeling a little run down lately and that just goes to show you how much our diet affects our energy stores. I’ve realized that, if I am not careful with what I choose to ingest, it doesn’t just affect me, but my son as well.

I feel like it was easier when I had the meals already planned out for me and so now I am on the hunt for a new clean eating challenge. Perhaps, when you are perusing Pintrest, you could keep an eye out for me for a new one or, if you already have one leave me the link in the comments. Thanks for reading!





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Day 27: Piquant Poached Salmon with Veggies

Worst feeling ever when you realize you’ve ruined your overnight oats. Well there goes breakfast! Not going to lie, I still ate it. First, I realized I forgot to add the chia seeds, so it was rather runny. Second, my fresh oats, bought a week and a half ago at the farmer’s market, have gone bad. Well, bad enough that they are not good for overnight oats. Perhaps they will be ok for toasting for granola, or cooked for traditional oatmeal. It tasted very yeasty.

For lunch I made a wrap with half a leftover bbq chicken breast (sliced), some romain lettuce (fresh from MIL’s garden), leftover lentil and cauliflower taco filling, sliced avocado and diced cherry tomatoes. I spread some hummus on the homemade whole wheat tortilla before wrapping it all up.
I may be biased, but it was delicious!

For dinner my husband brought home salmon, courtesy of my MIL (thank you!). I have a go to recipe for poached salmon I’ve been using for years. It’s from The Best of Bridge series cookbooks. I can’t seem to find the original recipe from them online but it’s in the “That’s Trump” book. Anyways, I changed some stuff around so here’s my recipe:

Poached Salmon with Piquant Sauce and Veggies
(Serves 2)


For the salmon:
1/2lb salmon filet, bones and skin removed
1/2 lemon, sliced (reserve the zest)
1 tsp chicken bullion (I didn’t have any but found a box of Lipton chicken noodle soup mix in the cupboard. I just sorted out the noodles from the soup base and used that)

For the sauce:
3 tbsp mayonnaise (you could sub plain Greek yogurt and I think that would taste just as good and maybe even more healthy and clean. I used Hellmann’s)
2 tbsp Dijon (I used peppercorn Dijon)
1 tsp dried dill
Zest from lemon

First boil 3 cups of water in a large to medium pan. Add the lemons and bouillon and simmer for 5 minutes with the lid on. Add salmon fillet and poach on low for 8 minutes (until flakey). While that’s going on you can whip up be sauce by throwing it all in a bowl and mixing it. The recipe in the book calls for capers and their juice but I didn’t have any. So add a tsp, chopped capers and a tsp of juice, if you want, but it’s not necessary.

For sides, I boiled some fresh farmer’s market carrots in some water with chicken bullion (Lipton soup mix) until tender and sautéed some spinach, red pepper and cherry tomatoes in some butter (not margarine) with a pinch of salt and pepper. This was the final product:

20140710-221744-80264969.jpgIt received rave reviews. Well one to be exact. Two, if you count myself, which I don’t because of course I like it: I’ve been making it for years! Try it and tell me what you think.


Day 18: Happy Canada Day!

With all the celebrations going on, the heat of the summer days and the activities going on town, we tend to be away from home more often and turn to restaurants and food carts or indulge in tailgate parties and BBQs and, with all that celebrating going on, it’s hard to stick with a clean eating plan. Sure you can go to a restaurant and order that salad for lunch or dinner but how many calories exactly are in that dressing? Where do these veggies come from? And are you getting enough of the right kind of veggies or just a lot of filler like iceberg lettuce. Here’s my advice: indulge yourself! Let loose! Once in a while it’s ok not to stick to a rigid meal plan. Sometimes it’s even fun to break the rules. Everything in moderation, of course. Attending a friends back yard BBQ? It would be rude not to try something of everything. Go ahead and have a slice of cake or an ice cream cone for desert. Restaurant doesn’t have any whole wheat hamburger buns? Get the white! Host is cooking juicy steaks? Don’t bring your own chicken. You wouldn’t want to be that guy who brings a knife to the gun show (did I say it right hunnie?). It’s an occasion after all – as in occasionally. It doesn’t happen all the time so it’s not a major set back it’s just a little treat for all your hard work so far. Don’t be discouraged and enjoy!

Breakfast: 2 slices of multi grain toast, half mashed avocado spread among the two. Topped with salt and pepper and two fried eggs (no oil). I almost got to eat this one hot, if not for my son.

For lunch we ate at my husbands restaurant and I decided, you know what? I’m going to get the hamburger! It had been a while since I’ve had red meat and, if you’ve been reading along, you know how badly I wanted that cheeseburger. Luckily I know what goes into the burgers (100% ground sirloin, that they ground themselves, with no filler). I asked for no mayo (to make up for the white bun) and no cheese (the lactose thing 😩).

Dinner: I tried so hard to come up with something for dinner tonight, but I couldn’t seem to find a recipe that didn’t send me to the store to get some missing ingredient. I ended up with a tomato, basil, feta (goat) salad drizzled with balsamic vinegar, two carrots cut into matchsticks and one red pepper with hummus.

I am secretly hoping my husband gets off late tonight and doesn’t want dinner because there isn’t anything. Anyways, hope you are enjoying Canada Day!


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Day 17:

This has been a hard entry to post. I’ve just been too busy with my babe and frankly it’s not that exciting of a post. It doesn’t even have a title.

Breakfast: This oatmeal or, as I like to call it, porridge. I used half water, half almond milk to make it creamier. It’s a nice, warm dish that would be good for a gloomy, rainy Sunday or in the winter but the overnight oats are just so much easier.

Our strata members so nicely pointed out to us that our dishwasher was leaking, causing us to shell out a bunch of money to buy a new one (yay for appliance shopping!). Since we were spending money anyways we decided to eat out for lunch. I ordered the turkey club wrap (no mayo, no cheese), quinoa salad and fresh veggies and ranch dip.

By the time we got home, it was time for a snack. I made two slices of multi-grain toast with homemade chia jam. I found the recipe here. I mashed up some fresh raspberries along with the strawberries (both from a local farmer’s market). The fruit gives it enough sweetness without adding any sugar. The chia gives it the jelly consistency.

Dinner is nothing to write home about: barbecued chicken and brown rice with spinach and leftover, roasted eggplant. I sautéed garlic and shallot in olive oil before throwing in the eggplant and then wilted the spinach. The eggplant sweetened up the bitter spinach quite nicely!

I’ve noticed my weight starting to creep back up and I’m ok with that. As a breastfeeding mother I can’t afford to cut back on calories. I make sure I get in my four servings of whole grains and 8-10 servings of fruits and veggies, eat lean proteins, and drink plenty of water. I am cutting out most dairy other than Greek yogurt and the milk in my creamer since it does bad things to my tummy (a good thing about pregnancy was that I could eat a lot of cheese and drink cows milk. Now: not so much). And most importantly NO MORE CRAP. No refined sugars. No white bread, flour, rice, or pasta. No weird, chemicals or ingredients I can’t pronounce. No junk for my trunk.

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Day 14: Last But Not Least

Today is be final day of the clean eating challenge. I have to say I’m feeling very thrilled, albeit a little nervous about what’s to come. It’s so easy to just give in and get that milk chocolate bar that’s 3 for $2 AND Haggen Das is on sale this week.

Anyways back to Day 14. I wasn’t even going to try and attempt an omelet today; my last attempts were laughable. I opted for a scramble instead, since it was going to end up that way anyways. I added a couple tablespoons of black beans and diced tomato to the onions and feta and only used two eggs. It turned out better than any omelet I had made in the last two weeks:


For lunch it was mini portobello pizzas. I didn’t have any shallots but had a white onion in the fridge and thought that would be an ok substitute. Nope. They all burned when I roasted my tray of portobellos, tomatoes and onions. But the pizzas turned out just as well. In fact I would make them again.

I skipped my afternoon snack again today and substituted a glass of wine. Fruit for a vegetable, right? It has been a long two weeks. After wine we went to a friends house because another friend was in town and we hadn’t seen him in a while. We agreed on a curfew but by the time we got home and made dinner, it was 9:00pm when we sat down to eat it.

And that was that. I sat up late into the night pouring over groceries store flyers planning out my shopping trip for tomorrow. We have seven different places to get groceries plus a farmer’s market everyday of the week within a half hours drive. My brain was on over load so I went to bed without posting an entry.

I honestly feel so much better after these last two weeks. My stomach is digesting as it should and I haven’t really had any troubles pooping. (For anyone who knows me, this is quite the accomplishment). My skin is clearing up without using any harsh products on it. (During pregnancy I broke out like a teenager). I’ve dropped 6.8lbs and am siting pretty at 128.8lbs (morning weight, before breakfast). I don’t feel as energized as the BuzzFeed GIFs say I would, but I’m a new mom juggling a baby that needs to be fed every two hours, that gets angry if he’s not in a constant state of motion. (Please note: I do not literally juggle my baby). Most importantly I feel good about my decision to eat healthier and make changes that benefit my family. I can’t wait for my morning cup of coffee!