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Travelling and Clean Eating: Fail

Last week we decided to go visit my parents, who live across the province. Literally. We drove all the way across the province. With an infant. Yes we are crazy.

Normally, road trips are fuelled with gas station grub including, but not limited to, beef jerky (read: sodium overload), chocolate bars, chips, candy, and pop.  I decided to try and make our trip a little healthier.

The night before we left I cut up a couple carrots into match sticks, created my own trail mix using dark, organic chocolate chips, peanuts, almonds and walnuts. I had my two Brita water bottles filled and chilled, ready to go for the morning.

I forgot the water in the fridge when we left, despite being beside the rest of the food I had packed. The carrots were gone by 10:00am (about 4 hours into our journey), but my husband really enjoyed the trail mix. The nuts really gave him that extra energy needed before we stopped for lunch.

About half way into our journey we really needed to stop to stretch our legs and get the baby some time out of the car seat. It was about 6 hours in and I’m sure it was time to feed him. (My breasts were huge and starting to leak!)

Thats where my clean eating took a nose dive. Not that I went for McDonald’s but it probably wasn’t the cleanest of eating either. We stopped for lunch at a popular sandwich shop that I am not going to name (Hint: it has been said that their bread contains the same ingredients as yoga mats??).

My husband and I shared a larger sandwich of spicy italian deli meats, probably loaded with preservatives and salt.

Once we got to my parents house it was pretty late and my mom had ordered pizza. I cant turn down my gracious host’s offering, so I ate pizza. Four slices of pepperoni goodness.

The rest of the weekend wasn’t much better. I went out with friends for some lunch to catch up. While I did order a spinach salad, I also ordered a cranberry juice which I am pretty sure was cranberry cocktail (i.e., sugar water with flavour).

We went out for a fancy prime rib (not so lean) dinner loaded with homemade spatzle and steamed veggies. I ordered the 10oz cut.

Mom made spaghetti with white (gasp) pasta, and before that we stopped for appetizers and snacked on pulled pork sliders and a margarita flatbread washed down with a caesar.

We did have one good clean meal with BBQ chicken, grilled shrimp and a garden salad.

On the trip home we loaded up on the pop, candy and chocolate bars at the gas stations, Tim Horton’s for breakfast and ended the day with a pizza, because by the time we got home, I was not cooking. Plus we had no food in our fridge.

So not the greatest time to write up a blog post on clean eating. Road Trip: Fail.

However, when I weighed in the next morning I remained at 125.6 lbs. But I didn’t feel good about it, mentally and physically. I know when your on vacation you should let loose and not worry about what you eat. But by the end of the trip, I am back to feeling exhausted, my son is irritable, and I am losing the motivation to keep eating clean and healthy.

My cravings for the sweet and sinful are returning. I must get back on track. We have been back for 4 days now and it’s time to get my (our) butts in gear. I feel like I haven’t exercised in months. I am going to start walking everyday now, eventually leading up to running.

Starting tomorrow.

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I have a confession… I haven’t been so good lately with my clean eating.

There were temptations lurking all around my kitchen just begging to be consumed. And I really wanted a steak… or three.

Since starting my clean eating experiment I have cheated in the following ways:

  1. I had one ginger ale per week in weeks 2, 3 and 4. Sometimes I sneak a sip of my husband’s coke.
  2. I drink beer once in a while. Like, one after my son goes to bed and only two or three times a week. And its not some gluten free, craft beer either. It’s good ol’ fashioned Lucky Lager. (Hey, I am an islander.)
  3. I sometimes skip meals and my snacks have become non existent. This has only been happening for the last week or so.
  4. I bought some steaks two weeks ago and we BBQ’d a couple of them up. They were so good I had them again the following week. No the cow wasn’t grass fed. Actually, I don’t know what the cow was eating. Probably a shit ton of hormones and chemicals.
  5. Last night I had white bread…AND IT WAS DELICIOUS!
  6. Last night I also had enough meat to last for a whole week. There were prawn skewers and chicken covered in bruschetta and thick juicy steaks! In my defence, we were at someone else’s house and you can’t turn down what your host puts in front of you, it would be rude…There was also chocolate bunt cake.
  7. I had white pasta, but you already knew that if you have been keeping up with my blog. Go to the post about Day 30 to find out why I will keep white pasta in my pantry.
  8. I drink coffee. Once a day. I need that morning jolt! I finished the artificial coffee creamer I had left in my fridge and have vowed to never buy it again.

This last week has been the hardest trying to stick with a clean eating plan because we have had family in town visiting and there was a lot of eating outside of my kitchen and only so much I could control.

Also, I think my son is teething and he’s turned into a little psycho, making my nerves a little frayed and little to no time to do elaborate meal planning. I’m surprised (and quite proud) I haven’t hit up McDonald’s yet.

Even though I am down to 127.2 lbs (from 135.6 lbs), I have been feeling a little run down lately and that just goes to show you how much our diet affects our energy stores. I’ve realized that, if I am not careful with what I choose to ingest, it doesn’t just affect me, but my son as well.

I feel like it was easier when I had the meals already planned out for me and so now I am on the hunt for a new clean eating challenge. Perhaps, when you are perusing Pintrest, you could keep an eye out for me for a new one or, if you already have one leave me the link in the comments. Thanks for reading!





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Slowing Things Down

It’s been 30 days since I’ve started this clean eating experiment and I feel really good about it. My body is not quite back to where it was pre pregnancy, but it’s getting there.

I am sitting pretty at a healthy 130lbs, my skin is clear, my energy levels are great (for a new mom), and my waist is slimming down. AND (tmi coming up) my poops have gotten so much better! You can always judge how well your diet is by your bowel movements. I found this cartoon that helps explain my point:

20140714-081011-29411129.jpgCourtesy of

Lets just say, I was eating way too much fatty foods before.

I have decided that telling you day to day what I am eating is getting monotonous and, frankly, I am getting bored with it. Because of this, I will not be updating this blog daily unless I find something worth discussing and feel inspired to do so.

Also, until my fridge and pantry has been cleaned out of it, I will sort of, kind of, be reverting back to not-so-clean ingredients. I just can’t throw out food when there are still cliches in Africa. Plus, my budget for groceries is running out and I can’t run to the store every time I run out of something healthy when I have a perfectly good, albeit, not so healthy alternative in my cupboard. I will only do this occasionally and sparingly, however.

For instance: I have some white flour left and I am running low on whole wheat flour. I will use half and half in my recipes until the flour is gone. I still have some artificial coffee creamer in my fridge (notice how these expire like 6 months later?) and I will use it up in my morning coffees before buying sweetened condensed milk (which is the same price!) to make my own. I will keep my white pasta but only because whole wheat pasta is disgusting. I will, however, limit my pasta intake to once or twice a month.

Well I hope you enjoyed reading about my clean eating experiment as much as I enjoyed writing it and I hope you continue to enjoy what I have to say about the clean eating revolution. Thanks for all your support. Happy reading, happy eating.


Day 22: Three Weeks Behind Me

Wow! It’s been three weeks since I’ve started this clean eating experiment and, I have to say, I look great! My waist has slimmed down (I got back into my skinniest of jeans that I wore pre-pregnancy), my skin has cleared up, and I have a lot more energy! Well, sort of.

Yesterday I was still plagued with allergies so I slept right through lunch, but I did manage to make myself breakfast of two eggs on toast with avocado. My liquids consisted of mostly tea and Neocitran. I was still exhausted when we got home for dinner so my husband barbecued up a bunch of chicken and we made sandwiches with carrot sticks and hummus. The Neocitran kicked in soon after and I had to turn in early. I am feeling a little better this morning, albeit a little hungry.

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Day 13: I Can See The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Last night (after I posted) I decided I wanted something warm to drink before bed. I just got this really cool, little battery operated milk frother, so I improvised on the recommended hot chocolate snack: I warmed up one cup of almond milk, one tablespoon of 100% pure organic agave syrup and one teaspoon of vanilla. It hit the spot and I slept like a baby.

Fast forward to this morning: My overnight oats were perfect. I prefer the thicker consistency and the farmer’s market strawberries were so flavorful, I wish I had more.

I am starting to think of what’s next after this clean eating challenge. I have to say, I am addicted to finding healthy alternatives and new recipes that use fresh, real, and whole ingredients. I feel very determined to shop as much as possible at farmer’s markets, but who knows. If any of you know me I rarely follow through with things like these. I couldn’t even get through a ten pack punch pass for the gym that didn’t expire for 6 months. I paid for four months of unlimited yoga and only made it through two and a half. But with all this talk about pesticides, GMO, and links from our food to cancers and other illnesses, I feel I don’t have a choice but to continue to put good, wholesome food on the table. Luckily I have the perfect motivation:

So for lunch I had my husband’s untouched snap pea salad from Tuesdays dinner. I added the leftover spinach and the two hard boiled eggs I had left over in the fridge, plus I added about a tablespoon of the lemon dressing instead of making the balsamic dressing the recipe called for.

I had to run into work for a couple hours and then we went to my Inlaws’ soon after so I skipped my snack.

For dinner instead of the shrimp lettuce cups, my gracious host (MIL) made us roasted yams, bbq chicken, a nice quinoa salad, asparagus and corn. I love that she’s so understanding and accommodating with me and this experiment. For desert she even picked up a truffle made out of prunes and, I think, cloves. It wasn’t quite chocolate but it had a nice sweet taste and a spicy kick.

Well now we are on to the last day of this challenge before being released on my own out into the great, wide world filled with temptations! I feel like that first time your parents let you go to the movies by yourself with your friends, or a high school graduate who’s been set free into the thrones of adulthood. I hope I can continue to make healthy choices for me and my family and not run to McDonalds the fist chance I get. Mmmm cheeseburgers.


Day 10: Sometimes… You Gotta!

Ok, I cheated again. I had a cup of coffee with breakfast this morning. *Gasp* Hear me out: my kid woke up at 6:00am and there was no sign of him wanting to go back to sleep anytime soon. If I was going to get anything done today (and it is a Monday, mind you) and keep my sanity, a cup of coffee was in order. I justified my decision by swapping out my favorite Irish Cream coffee creamer (NO not Bailey’s) for some almond milk and vanilla extract.

For lunch I left out the roasted eggplant because A) I didn’t make enough a couple nights ago because the grocery store only had two small ones, and B) I did not drink enough coffee to want to return to the grocery store for more. It turns out the salad was hearty enough without it.

Instead of cutting up a red pepper for my snack with hummus I used the carrots I had already cut up in the fridge. I figured since they were on the same side of the color spectrum they held the same nutritive value.

I still didn’t pick up any more collard greens, but I had a ton of spinach left over from last week, so I threw in a few handfuls into tonight’s dinner. I had forgotten that I bought easy peel prawns and proceeded to chomp down on one and then promptly spat it into the garbage. Luckily the others were easy to peel as the package promised. I wish I had gotten fresh-off-the-boat local prawns. I probably spent way too much on these. Karma!

I prepped up three hard boiled eggs for tomorrow. One broke in the pot while boiling, one crumbled in my husbands hands when he went to peel it and the other ended up in the garbage due to miscommunication. That will teach me to be cocky and think I know how to hard boil an egg. I will try again tomorrow.

For today’s recipes go here.


Day 9: Things I’ve Learned Today

1. I still cannot flip an omelet. This was breakfast:
20140622-091556-33356473.jpg It tastes good though. It reminded me of French toast. I should have read the recipe first, but the instructions were a little vague to begin with. They did not tell me to keep half of the apple for a garnish and I ended up sautéing the whole thing.

2. Romain leaves are not a good substitute for collard green leaves when wrapping turkey meatballs. I neglected to grab enough collard greens at the farmer’s market because I forgot my list at home, so I substituted three romain leaves. They were too delicate and I ended up ripping them when I tried to roll them up over the turkey meatball, avocado and tomato filling.

3. I still cannot run without peeing myself. Childbirth really puts your lady parts through the ringer. I thought about borrowing one of my son’s diapers but I think I’ll just stick to walking and yoga for now (and kegels!).

4. When making a double recipe of quinoa for dinner you may not need to double the water. That, or you may need to cook longer. I ended up with watery quinoa. Luckily I was still scrambling the eggs so I threw it on the stove for another minute on medium.

5. A diet rich in fibre makes you very gassy. My whole family is a tooting machine! Having company over at this point would be a bad idea.

The good news is that I got in a 30 minute yoga session (at home, self guided) and an hour long walk. I felt like I could have probably gone for another walk after dinner as well. Plus the food is getting way better this week.