Day 6: You Can’t Call It Chili If There Are No Chillies

I realized I forgot to give the link to Day 5 yesterday so here it is. And before I forget here is today’s recipes. I woke up this morning with the worst craving for chocolate cake so I spent most of the morning combing beloved Pintrest looking for a gluten free, sugarless chocolate cake recipe. I ended up finding a recipe for quinoa brownies. I can’t wait to try them once next week is over.

I had to make some substitutions today because, again, I forgot to take into account my husband’s days off. For lunch we had a ton of salmon left over from last night, which was good in our salad. I didn’t have anymore fresh lemons and I wasn’t making the same mistake with this dressing by using bottled lemon juice so I improvised. I used the leftover lime dressing from day 3 plus a little more juice from half a lime I had in the fridge in addition to the Dijon, parsley, salt and pepper. I also added walnuts to the salad because my husband likes nuts on his salads and I had some in my cupboard that were probably not going to get used anyways. I left out the green beans because I discovered the bag I bought had mold growing on some of the beans. Yup, I ate moldy beans last night.

Instead of a snack we went out for a second lunch, later in the afternoon, to a restaurant that just opened recently. There were 5 salads on the menu but only one that would fit the guidelines of the challenge: a garden salad, dressing on the side. The next best thing, keeping in mind the recommendations, were the halibut tacos. Which they were out of. So I ordered the shrimp tacos with a kale and apple coleslaw on the side. I figured a little gluten (flour tortillas) would be ok this one time. Boy was I wrong. I think I may be gluten or lactose intolerant. That, or the clean eating challenge decided that my walk with my MIL was the perfect time to “clean me out” if you catch my drift. Luckily we were not very far along the trail and very close to her work. I will stick to the menu plan from now on.

For dinner I made a double recipe of the vegetarian chili since my husband was home and I needed to freeze some for next week. My husband brought to my attention the fact that the recipe doesn’t call for any chili powder nor any actual chilies whatsoever. I’m sorry but chili implies there will be some form of chili in it. Otherwise it’s just bean and tomato stew. (I realize there is paprika in the yogurt topping, but I consider that an add on and therefore, not really the chili itself.) It was quite tasty but next time I am adding some fresh chilies.

My after dinner snacks have been leaving a lot to desire, coming from someone who loves her deserts. So tonight I decided to liven up my blackberries and pistachios with some Greek yogurt. The tang of the yogurt was just what I needed to curb my sweet tooth.

I think my tummy troubles after my second lunch was caused by straying from the challenge, as hard as I tried. It just proves that the clean eating experiment is really working. I can’t wait to see what next week brings. So far the pictures look delicious but my cooking rarely turns out like the pictures.

20140619-221429-80069252.jpgThis is one thing I cooked that came out good looking!