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I have a confession… I haven’t been so good lately with my clean eating.

There were temptations lurking all around my kitchen just begging to be consumed. And I really wanted a steak… or three.

Since starting my clean eating experiment I have cheated in the following ways:

  1. I had one ginger ale per week in weeks 2, 3 and 4. Sometimes I sneak a sip of my husband’s coke.
  2. I drink beer once in a while. Like, one after my son goes to bed and only two or three times a week. And its not some gluten free, craft beer either. It’s good ol’ fashioned Lucky Lager. (Hey, I am an islander.)
  3. I sometimes skip meals and my snacks have become non existent. This has only been happening for the last week or so.
  4. I bought some steaks two weeks ago and we BBQ’d a couple of them up. They were so good I had them again the following week. No the cow wasn’t grass fed. Actually, I don’t know what the cow was eating. Probably a shit ton of hormones and chemicals.
  5. Last night I had white bread…AND IT WAS DELICIOUS!
  6. Last night I also had enough meat to last for a whole week. There were prawn skewers and chicken covered in bruschetta and thick juicy steaks! In my defence, we were at someone else’s house and you can’t turn down what your host puts in front of you, it would be rude…There was also chocolate bunt cake.
  7. I had white pasta, but you already knew that if you have been keeping up with my blog. Go to the post about Day 30 to find out why I will keep white pasta in my pantry.
  8. I drink coffee. Once a day. I need that morning jolt! I finished the artificial coffee creamer I had left in my fridge and have vowed to never buy it again.

This last week has been the hardest trying to stick with a clean eating plan because we have had family in town visiting and there was a lot of eating outside of my kitchen and only so much I could control.

Also, I think my son is teething and he’s turned into a little psycho, making my nerves a little frayed and little to no time to do elaborate meal planning. I’m surprised (and quite proud) I haven’t hit up McDonald’s yet.

Even though I am down to 127.2 lbs (from 135.6 lbs), I have been feeling a little run down lately and that just goes to show you how much our diet affects our energy stores. I’ve realized that, if I am not careful with what I choose to ingest, it doesn’t just affect me, but my son as well.

I feel like it was easier when I had the meals already planned out for me and so now I am on the hunt for a new clean eating challenge. Perhaps, when you are perusing Pintrest, you could keep an eye out for me for a new one or, if you already have one leave me the link in the comments. Thanks for reading!






Day 23: Blame The Baby

They say one of the hardest thing about sticking with a diet is trying not to get bored with what you are eating, so today I decided to try something new for breakfast – whole wheat, oatmeal and blueberry pancakes.

Would I eat then again? Well, I have to since I made a full batch and still have about three more pancakes sitting in my fridge and I don’t want to waste food. But would I make this recipe again? Probably not.

I found them very heavy and not sweet enough for me like a real pancake. I added blueberries instead of chocolate chips and did added maple syrup but it wasn’t enough to get over the heaviness. Perhaps tomorrow I will add some chocolate chips to the mix.

Another thing: Aunt Jemima is not clean eating folks! You want 100% maple syrup. Aunt Jemima doesn’t even have maple listed in its ingredients it’s just sugar. There is no need for an ingredient list on my bottle of syrup, it’s all on the label: 100% pure maple syrup. Sure it’s 3 times the price but it’s so worth it. Bonus points if it’s local!

Anyways, here are my pancakes:

20140706-200215-72135676.jpgI know not pretty.

For lunch I made mayo-less chicken salad sandwiches. The Greek yogurt adds a tangy flavor that would have otherwise been provided by mayo. I added a few spinach leaves on each sandwich for some leafy greens. The sandwiches were so good, I had two.

For dinner I thawed out the rest of my whole wheat pizza dough and sauce from Day 16.

To the sauce I added the roasted garlic that I roasted off last night. I baked the crust first to add more stability, then I topped it off with leftover chicken, roasted red peppers, caramelized onion, roasted tomatoes and asparagus and shredded mozzarella cheese.

Yes, cheese. I figured since I didn’t have plans to leave the house and no one was coming over I would have a treat. The pizza would have fell apart without it! I made sure to get a block of cheese, not those preshredded bags of cheese which have been more processed than the blocks. It would have been Better if I had a fresh ball of mozza, you know the ones that come in water or brine, but I am not rolling in the dough (pun intended) right now.

So far, so good. Just a little bit of gas, but I just blame it on my son.


Day 22: Three Weeks Behind Me

Wow! It’s been three weeks since I’ve started this clean eating experiment and, I have to say, I look great! My waist has slimmed down (I got back into my skinniest of jeans that I wore pre-pregnancy), my skin has cleared up, and I have a lot more energy! Well, sort of.

Yesterday I was still plagued with allergies so I slept right through lunch, but I did manage to make myself breakfast of two eggs on toast with avocado. My liquids consisted of mostly tea and Neocitran. I was still exhausted when we got home for dinner so my husband barbecued up a bunch of chicken and we made sandwiches with carrot sticks and hummus. The Neocitran kicked in soon after and I had to turn in early. I am feeling a little better this morning, albeit a little hungry.