Day 9: Things I’ve Learned Today

1. I still cannot flip an omelet. This was breakfast:
20140622-091556-33356473.jpg It tastes good though. It reminded me of French toast. I should have read the recipe first, but the instructions were a little vague to begin with. They did not tell me to keep half of the apple for a garnish and I ended up sautéing the whole thing.

2. Romain leaves are not a good substitute for collard green leaves when wrapping turkey meatballs. I neglected to grab enough collard greens at the farmer’s market because I forgot my list at home, so I substituted three romain leaves. They were too delicate and I ended up ripping them when I tried to roll them up over the turkey meatball, avocado and tomato filling.

3. I still cannot run without peeing myself. Childbirth really puts your lady parts through the ringer. I thought about borrowing one of my son’s diapers but I think I’ll just stick to walking and yoga for now (and kegels!).

4. When making a double recipe of quinoa for dinner you may not need to double the water. That, or you may need to cook longer. I ended up with watery quinoa. Luckily I was still scrambling the eggs so I threw it on the stove for another minute on medium.

5. A diet rich in fibre makes you very gassy. My whole family is a tooting machine! Having company over at this point would be a bad idea.

The good news is that I got in a 30 minute yoga session (at home, self guided) and an hour long walk. I felt like I could have probably gone for another walk after dinner as well. Plus the food is getting way better this week.

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Day 4: Really, That’s All The Snack I Get?!

If you can flip an omelet, you deserve a medal. This is what my breakfast looked like:


The instructions said to turn the heat down to low and cook the eggs for one minute until the eggs are not very runny. Well it took me over 5 minutes on low, a lid, and one minute cranked up to medium before I could get my eggs to set. Overall the “omelet” looks like crap, as you can see, but it tastes alright. I would use less green onions next time.

Speaking of using less or more of the ingredients, I wish they would be more specific about the amounts used. For instance this recipe called for 4 scallions (green onions). Well what size are your scallions? Mine were too big.

Today’s lunch, a Greek salad using the left over lentils from last night’a dinner, calls for one red pepper and half a cucumber cut into pieces. Last I checked there is a wide variety of sized cucumbers and peppers. So my salad ended up being huge! It could have fed two people.

Oh, and about lunch: I used up all the lime vinegarette in last night’s cabbage wraps and had no more limes to make more. I thought substituting bottled lime juice would have the same effect. It didn’t.

Word of advice: DON’T USE BOTTLED LEMON OR LIME JUICE IN PLACE OF FRESH SQUEEZED. It does not taste the same and it does not taste as good as fresh squeezed. I know lemons and limes are ridiculously expensive right now but it is sooo worth it, especially in salad dressings.

I had to go grocery shopping again before dinner. Since my husband works from early mornings to later at night, the only meal I have to prepare for him is dinner. However, when I did my initial grocery shop I forgot to take into account that I have to feed my husband too! That is why I have had to hit the store almost every day so far. He is also off for the next two days so I bought more supplies to accommodate him. I will have a running total for all of you at the end of each week.

Dinner was good. I roasted up some more chicken breasts (boneless, skinless because I wasn’t wrestling with chicken on the bone again, plus, I don’t like all the waste) alongside the fennel. I threw some more cauliflower in the oven since I burnt the florets last night that I was supposed to use in tomorrow’s breakfast.

My after supper snack was a joke. If you aren’t following along with the challenge from BuzzFeed, it was two dates and two almonds. You were supposed to stuff the almonds in the dates. F*%# that. I threw a handful of dates and almonds in a bowl and snacked on that while I caught up on work.

I have to say I felt really good today. I never really felt tired or worn down. I got lots of work accomplished, both my paid work and my house work. Although, I didn’t get much exercise or get my full 60 oz of water in. I have I say, though, my tummy is looking a little round with bloat and an unfortunate side effect of the challenge is my body trying to rid itself of poison in the form of noxious gas.

Seriously. And since having gone through childbirth, it’s not as easy to hold it in when the timing isn’t right. Like at the grocery store when there is a line up behind you in the check out. It’s even passing onto my son. His poops have gotten quite explosive and foul. I’ll leave you with that.