Day 30: Sometimes Whole Wheat Isn’t A Good Thing

It’s so hot out, I am melting. After a quick breakfast of strawberry whole wheat French toast (good), my son and I packed quickly to head to the beach. Unfortunately the sun was hiding behind a cloudy haze so we left after a couple hours.

Just in time for the farmer’s market near by! I was looking for some quality natural bacon from a local farm but, sadly, there was no meat guy. I grabbed some potatoes, a large container of raspberries and a yellow zucchini. I had $10 left so I decided to splurge on lunch. They had a food truck at the market. Anyone who knows me knows that I have an obsession for food trucks. This one has a pizza forno and makes pretty good pizzas. Although the crust was made with white flour the ingredients were simple: yeast, flour, salt and oil. I ordered the Margherita which used fresh tomatoes and basil straight from one of the vendors. It was damn good pizza. My splurge of the week.

For dinner I decided to try this creamy avocado pasta. I thought I would make it healthier by using whole wheat pasta. I cooked the pasta (4 servings) according to the directions on the box. I tested the pasta before draining to ensure it was al dente. It tasted fine. I drained the pasta and mixed it with the sauce (which took forever in my blender! I really need a food processor) and some sautĂ©ed prawns. It did not taste so good. The pasta, upon hitting the sauce, turned to cardboard. It was like eating a pile of wet saw dust. We had nothing else so we both choked it down but I threw out the leftovers and I don’t even feel bad about it. Somethings were never meant to be whole wheat.20140714-074749-28069890.jpg

For desert (I had to cleanse my palate after that one) I made a strawberry frozen yogurt earlier using this recipe. I was using my blender (again, really needed a food processor) so I did it in batches. One cup of strawberries, one tablespoon agave, 1/8 cup of plain Greek yogurt and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice at a time. Tedious, but it got the job done. I made this in the afternoon after the beach and froze it until after dinner, about 6 hours or so. Sweet and tart, albeit delicious. Perfect ending to a hot, hot summer day.




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