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Day 26: Farmer’s Markets and Bbq – That’s What Summer Is Made Of

I am so spoiled. Today I went to the farmers market and I was saddened because I will have to buy my strawberries from the supermarket. Talk about first world problems. I splurged and got the farm fresh eggs. At $5 a carton they are no steal but I wasn’t making two stops. I had already left my poor sick baby at home with his dad and I knew I didn’t have much time before I got a frantic call for my nipples. After waiting in line for half an hour for what better be the best damn tomatoes I’ve ever had, I ran though the rest of the market grabbing honey, beets, sugar peas, and carrots. Have I mentioned I love farmer’s markets? I even grabbed a shot of locally made vodka on my way out (thank you BC for allowing liquor sales at markets!).

I washed all my veggies and roasted off my beets for a salad I’m making tomorrow. My mother in law gave us some goodies from her garden including a zucchini, which I cut in half and tossed in olive oil and salt and pepper with a sweet potato I cut in rounds. We grilled those babies up and served them with bbq chicken breasts. What a summer staple the bbq. I don’t know how we lived without it. Oh ya, I remember, we ate out a lot!

20140710-080358-29038866.jpgBy the way, the tomatoes are amazing!

For a late night “treat” I decided I was going to make a cookie dough Greek yogurt. Using this simple recipe I whipped it up in no time. Well, I must say, it’s no cookie dough. And, if your not a fan of peanut butter cookies, you won’t like this. It is really rich and I would only make a little next time. It just wasn’t my thing. I will continue to hunt for the perfect clean eating, healthy dessert.


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