Day 24: Sick

My poor babe is feeling under the weather. Unfortunately, I think I’m the one who got him that way. I thought it was just allergies but it had morphed into a weird summer cold. Both of us are sniffling, miserable messes. Needless to say it’s impossible to put him down long enough to prepare anything exciting to eat. Thank god I prepped a bunch of smoothies last week and had my whole wheat pancakes were good to go from yesterday. Today I added organic chocolate chips, ones from the healthy section of the grocery store. They were a little better but still pretty wheaty. (Is that a word?). Lunch was a kale and mixed berry smoothy. Dinner was a chicken sandwich with spinach, hummus, tomato, and melted mozza cheese. I feel like, because I’m sick and it’s wickedly hot out today, a big bowl of ice cream would be amazing right now. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), I am not going anywhere tonight and my husband is not due to arrive home for another couple hours and we will probably be in bed by the time he comes home. So no ice cream for me. I’ll just stick with an apple and some almond butter (and maybe a few of those chocolate chips).

20140707-201519-72919082.jpgThank goodness for babywearing when all he wants to do is snuggle


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