Day 20: Homemade Tortillas. Whaaaat?

Liquid breakfast this morning. I made us kale and mixed berry smoothies for breakfast. Husband wasn’t too sure about it since the smoothie took on a weird green color and was very thick. Good thing they taste good!

For lunch I made a salad with spinach and arugula mix, radishes, peas, asparagus and topped with poached eggs. I tossed it all with a lemon vinegarette I had left over from last weeks challenge.

But the star of the show was dinner! I never thought cauliflower and lentil tacos would be good but it was the only recipe I could find using the ingredients I already had in the house. I made my own whole wheat tortillas using this recipe. I will never buy store bought tortillas again. They are so easy and simple to make. We topped the tacos with homemade guacamole, diced Roma tomatoes and shredded romain lettuce. They were amazing! I didn’t even miss the beef.

20140704-084643-31603844.jpg The recipe made 8 tortillas and we each had four! I only used half a head of cauliflower and it made enough for leftover filling for tomorrow. I’m planning on making some sort of taco salad with it. Seriously people, you have to try these!


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