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Day 19: Fish Cooked In Paper Rocks!

I used up the last of my farmer’s market strawberries and made us both overnight oats for breakfast.

After cleaning out my In laws’ crawl space my MIL made sandwiches for lunch – ham, tomato and romaine lettuce on sprouted bread for me.

Throughout the clean out, I snacked on a bowl of mixed nuts and chocolate chips (I’m pretty sure they were dark chocolate).

I found this recipe in a Martha Stewart magazine. Not only was it fantastic tasting and perfectly cooked, but it looked like the picture in the magazine too! But of course I forgot to take a picture to prove it. I swear it did!

After dinner snack was a golden delicious apple with almond butter and two slices of multi-grain toast with chia jam. I love that stuff. My husband is now hooked on almond butter. Yay! Gone are the days of the boxed granola bars! We’re getting there, anyways.


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