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Day 13: I Can See The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Last night (after I posted) I decided I wanted something warm to drink before bed. I just got this really cool, little battery operated milk frother, so I improvised on the recommended hot chocolate snack: I warmed up one cup of almond milk, one tablespoon of 100% pure organic agave syrup and one teaspoon of vanilla. It hit the spot and I slept like a baby.

Fast forward to this morning: My overnight oats were perfect. I prefer the thicker consistency and the farmer’s market strawberries were so flavorful, I wish I had more.

I am starting to think of what’s next after this clean eating challenge. I have to say, I am addicted to finding healthy alternatives and new recipes that use fresh, real, and whole ingredients. I feel very determined to shop as much as possible at farmer’s markets, but who knows. If any of you know me I rarely follow through with things like these. I couldn’t even get through a ten pack punch pass for the gym that didn’t expire for 6 months. I paid for four months of unlimited yoga and only made it through two and a half. But with all this talk about pesticides, GMO, and links from our food to cancers and other illnesses, I feel I don’t have a choice but to continue to put good, wholesome food on the table. Luckily I have the perfect motivation:

So for lunch I had my husband’s untouched snap pea salad from Tuesdays dinner. I added the leftover spinach and the two hard boiled eggs I had left over in the fridge, plus I added about a tablespoon of the lemon dressing instead of making the balsamic dressing the recipe called for.

I had to run into work for a couple hours and then we went to my Inlaws’ soon after so I skipped my snack.

For dinner instead of the shrimp lettuce cups, my gracious host (MIL) made us roasted yams, bbq chicken, a nice quinoa salad, asparagus and corn. I love that she’s so understanding and accommodating with me and this experiment. For desert she even picked up a truffle made out of prunes and, I think, cloves. It wasn’t quite chocolate but it had a nice sweet taste and a spicy kick.

Well now we are on to the last day of this challenge before being released on my own out into the great, wide world filled with temptations! I feel like that first time your parents let you go to the movies by yourself with your friends, or a high school graduate who’s been set free into the thrones of adulthood. I hope I can continue to make healthy choices for me and my family and not run to McDonalds the fist chance I get. Mmmm cheeseburgers.


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