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Day 12: To The Market, To The Market

Ok, so no cheeseburger last night but I did eat more than I should have of the dark chocolate. But in my defence, I didn’t buy an actual bar, but a chunk of bulk chocolate so there was no way to measure how much chocolate I really ate. I would say it was about 3oz. However much it was, I cleaned out my supply. I will inevitably have to return to be grocery store before the week is done.

This morning we strayed away from the given menu and went out for breakfast. My husband had to drop into work, so me and the child went along for the ride. I guess now would be a good time to tell you that my husband owns a restaurant. Anyways, we grabbed some breakfast while we were there. Sometimes it’s nice to have someone else cook for a change. In keeping with the idea of clean eating, I ordered the veggie omelet, no cheese. I did cheat, though, and got the toast and hash browns. The toast was multigrain and the hash browns were roasted, not deep fried.

We were supposed to head home so that I could eat the leftover chili I defrosted, but we got sidetracked again when my MIL wanted to go for lunch. So many temptations! I, again keeping within the guidelines as best as I could, ordered a Sante Fe salad. It had black beans, corn, romain, tomatoes, corn tortillas and guacamole. The dressing was some sort of vinegarette.

Since we ate out two meals in a row, within two hours of each other, I skipped my afternoon snack. I decided since I didn’t have any more chocolate to make my after dinner hot chocolate, I would have the afternoon snack then.

We went to the Wednesday evening farmer’s market tonight for the first time. I think I’ve found my new favorite market! There was so many fresh produce stands, organic this, clean eating that, and it’s all very inexpensive. You can even buy meat and eggs there and the assortment of baked goods and breads was phenomenal. It was very hard to pass up the fresh cinnamon buns. Unfortunately my husband has no patience for crowds and it was still scorching at 4:30pm so we left in a hurry and empty handed. Also, I didn’t know I needed anything. I will definitely be coming back next week.

Dinner was good but the recipe was off a little. I only used 3 heads (instead of 6) of baby bok choy because they took up a lot of room on the parchment.

20140625-203409-74049050.jpg The picture on BuzzFeed shows lemons in the packets but the recipe doesn’t call for lemons. I took a chance and added the lemons. The packets were a little liquidy, but very delicious.

Another thing I noticed with editing errors in the menu plan: the prep recipe of the overnight oats for tomorrow called for 1/3 cup of almond milk and 2/3 cup of Greek yogurt. The recipe on day 13 calls for 1/2 cup each. I didn’t notice this until after I already made the oats so I may end up with cement tomorrow morning. Wish me luck!

Side note: I don’t know if it’s because I had my husband around to share the work load, but I feel much better emotionally and physically today (with all the cheats) than I did yesterday. Hmmm. At least I’m learning about making healthier choices.


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