Day 10: Sometimes… You Gotta!

Ok, I cheated again. I had a cup of coffee with breakfast this morning. *Gasp* Hear me out: my kid woke up at 6:00am and there was no sign of him wanting to go back to sleep anytime soon. If I was going to get anything done today (and it is a Monday, mind you) and keep my sanity, a cup of coffee was in order. I justified my decision by swapping out my favorite Irish Cream coffee creamer (NO not Bailey’s) for some almond milk and vanilla extract.

For lunch I left out the roasted eggplant because A) I didn’t make enough a couple nights ago because the grocery store only had two small ones, and B) I did not drink enough coffee to want to return to the grocery store for more. It turns out the salad was hearty enough without it.

Instead of cutting up a red pepper for my snack with hummus I used the carrots I had already cut up in the fridge. I figured since they were on the same side of the color spectrum they held the same nutritive value.

I still didn’t pick up any more collard greens, but I had a ton of spinach left over from last week, so I threw in a few handfuls into tonight’s dinner. I had forgotten that I bought easy peel prawns and proceeded to chomp down on one and then promptly spat it into the garbage. Luckily the others were easy to peel as the package promised. I wish I had gotten fresh-off-the-boat local prawns. I probably spent way too much on these. Karma!

I prepped up three hard boiled eggs for tomorrow. One broke in the pot while boiling, one crumbled in my husbands hands when he went to peel it and the other ended up in the garbage due to miscommunication. That will teach me to be cocky and think I know how to hard boil an egg. I will try again tomorrow.

For today’s recipes go here.


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