Day 9: Things I’ve Learned Today

1. I still cannot flip an omelet. This was breakfast:
20140622-091556-33356473.jpg It tastes good though. It reminded me of French toast. I should have read the recipe first, but the instructions were a little vague to begin with. They did not tell me to keep half of the apple for a garnish and I ended up sautéing the whole thing.

2. Romain leaves are not a good substitute for collard green leaves when wrapping turkey meatballs. I neglected to grab enough collard greens at the farmer’s market because I forgot my list at home, so I substituted three romain leaves. They were too delicate and I ended up ripping them when I tried to roll them up over the turkey meatball, avocado and tomato filling.

3. I still cannot run without peeing myself. Childbirth really puts your lady parts through the ringer. I thought about borrowing one of my son’s diapers but I think I’ll just stick to walking and yoga for now (and kegels!).

4. When making a double recipe of quinoa for dinner you may not need to double the water. That, or you may need to cook longer. I ended up with watery quinoa. Luckily I was still scrambling the eggs so I threw it on the stove for another minute on medium.

5. A diet rich in fibre makes you very gassy. My whole family is a tooting machine! Having company over at this point would be a bad idea.

The good news is that I got in a 30 minute yoga session (at home, self guided) and an hour long walk. I felt like I could have probably gone for another walk after dinner as well. Plus the food is getting way better this week.


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