Day 8: Half Way To Brownies (Just Kidding)

Well, maybe the quinoa brownies I found of Pintrest.

Today’s menu was, by far, the best yet. Breakfast was a yummy blueberry shake. The recipe made almost a half glass more than the other shakes/smoothies in the challenge, which I gladly slurped down. For lunch, something I’ve never had before, shakshuka. It’s basically poaching eggs in tomato sauce with asparagus bits. I didn’t know which utensil to use so I ended up with a spoon. You can see why:


After lunch I took my son to the beach for the first time. I even got him a pair of sunnies:

Anyways, I packed my strawberries and almond butter to go and off we went. The strawberries were from the farmer’s market and picked just yesterday. They were the best strawberries I’ve had in a long time. They were on the small side so I packed 9 instead of the 6 called for by the menu plan. I like that most of the snacks are portable. They will come in handy later on when I’m packing school lunches.

For dinner I was skeptical as we’ve never really been big eggplant fans. But the dish turned out really well! Roasted chickpeas and cauliflower are tossed in hummus and then served on top of roasted eggplant. This is all topped off with a lemony Greek yogurt sauce. I would definitely make this as a side dish to bring to a BBQ. Today, it was very nice as a vegetarian main on this balmy first day of summer.

But then came the night snack. Again with the dates and almonds?! Again I grabbed a small handful of each in a bowl and ate them that way. No need for stuffing.

If the rest of this experiment goes like today, that would be alright with me.


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