End of the Week Check In

So far I have found that most of the recipes leave a lot to be desired. I feel like they could have been more creative, like adding chilies in the chili, or using more of the spice rack. Some of the instructions are not very helpful either, like how to poach eggs or cook an omelet. I really enjoyed the overnight oats and the asparagus and poached eggs for breakfast but I am not really a fan of chia pudding. I’ve tried it before this clean eating experiment and it kind of grossed me out. It reminds me of a jellyfish almost the way it congeals in blobs and slides around the dish.

I liked all the lunch salads except for the fennel one. I don’t think I like fennel. The dinners were where I had the hardest time. I am used to eating little to no lunches and large dinners, usually leaving me on the couch or floor feeling like a bloated, overstuffed, burrito. This challenge has you eating large lunches and smaller dinners, so I never really felt satisfied after them. Also, most of the dinners were very bland. I did like the vegetarian chili and the turkey meatballs and tomato sauce dish but I would skip the roasted cauliflower and the kale, chicken and quinoa dish from the first night.

The snacks could have been bigger but I guess that’s if you aren’t trying to lose weight. They didn’t really satisfy me enough and they didn’t do too much to ward off my hunger. Two dates and two almonds? I mean, really!

The running total for groceries for week one is $192.44 and cost me 2000 points. Which is what I predicted in the beginning.

I don’t feel like BuzzFeed said I would (maybe if I wasn’t in my first year of motherhood) but I have noticed a slight increase in energy. I can definitely last through most days without the help of coffee, although I still miss the taste, and without a nap. I have almost gotten caught up on my work and I feel like I’m coping better with being a new mom.

Last but not least I have dropped 4.6lbs! I am almost where I would like to be, not my pre-pregnancy weight but pretty close. I can’t wait to see what next week brings to the table. Pun intended.


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