Day 7: End of Week One

I think I should just stick to scrambling eggs. That, or the instructions in this clean eating challenge are not very good. Follow along with me here. We woke up rather late today and I didn’t end up eating breakfast until 11:00am. The eggs turned out ok, but I lost most of the egg whites in the water. I thought the vinegar and the swirling vortex was supposed to make it stay together!

After breakfast I had some errands to run and, since I had to shop for week 2 today, I thought I would start at the local farmers market. The best thing about summer time on the island is that there’s a farmers market almost everyday of the week within a half an hour drive. Fridays happen to be my favorite market down at the waterfront. The best thing about farmers markets is the fact that you know where your produce and other staples are coming from: local. No pesticides, no hormones, and most of it was picked this morning. I picked up fresh strawberries (picked this morning), snap peas, fresh kale ($1 cheeper than at the store and for larger bunches) and collard greens (the only place I could find collard greens). I would have grabbed some local eggs as well but I already stocked up the last time I went shopping. I also feel really good about supporting our local farmers.

I realized as I got to the farmers market that I forgot my shopping list at home. I had printed it off this time and gone through most of the dinners and added to the quantities to account for my husband this time, so I had to go home to grab it before hitting up the grocery store.

By the time I got home it was around 3:00pm and the lady who lives up stairs wanted to have a visit with us and meet our new addition. I didn’t end up eating my lunch until about 3:45pm so I skipped my afternoon snack. The salad was delicious and I think I would definitely make it again. I used the cooked kale that I had leftover from my Big Batch. It was on its last legs and a little bit brown in some spots but still crunchy. Here’s how it turned out:

20140620-223121-81081208.jpgAgain, really huge salad for just one person.

I bought so much produce that there wasn’t enough room in the fridge, so I started to clean it out and reorganizing everything. Unfortunately a can of diet coke (we keep it for certain company) fell out of the fridge and sprayed pop everywhere. And I mean everywhere! Miraculously, none ended up on my son who was sitting in his car seat in the middle of our tiny kitchen watching me cleaning out the fridge. It was on the walls, the cupboards, the countertops, inside and outside of the fridge and all over the floor. The good news is that my kitchen got a deep clean that is usually reserved for spring or a nesting period. Plus I got rid of that container of sour cream, hidden in the very back of the fridge, that expired two months ago.

I thought, since my husband was home and I had a bottle pumped for my son in the fridge, I could make dinner no problem, no interruptions. Boy was I wrong. Ladies and gentlemen, I have a mama’s boy. He could have woke the dead with his screaming. It was hard not to put the cooking down and run and grab him out of my husbands arms but I managed to get everything simmering and baking in the oven then attended to my boobie addicted child. Since the recipe called for leaving half of the meatballs for lunch next week, that only left me with only four meatballs (I doubled the recipe and gave my husband five and saved the three biggest). I had some leftover roasted chicken breasts in the fridge so I cut that up and tossed it I the sauce with the turkey meatballs. So in actuality we both had a double serving of protein with dinner tonight. I figured, since I was doing so well, that I deserved a little reward at the end of week one.

My after dinner snack was CHOCOLATE! Only 2oz but still, chocolate nonetheless. I decided to add a handful of almonds to the bowl and pretended it was my Hershey’s almond chocolate bar.


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