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My Clean Eating Experiment

I gave birth to my son two months ago and he’s an angel.

However… like any and (almost) every mom can attest it’s really hard to find time to prepare and eat good, wholesome food.

My husband and I are constantly complaining how tired we are and (even though it’s only two months in) my weight loss has plateaued.

I started out my pregnancy at 110 lbs and finished at 167 lbs. I ate anything and everything I wanted while pregnant and I continued to do so for the first two months of postpartum.

While I lost 25lbs immediately after birth, I am nowhere near the weight I want to be.

Recently, while cruising through the “Everything” category on Pintrest, (who has time for Pintrest with a newborn??!!) I came across a clean eating challenge. You can view the post here.

What attracted me to this post right away was the promise of more energy. If there’s anything new moms need the most it is energy. Energy for those 2:00am feedings, the house work, all the laundry (does it ever stop?!), etc.

The post is great. It plans out two weeks worth of meals, includes shopping lists and a schedule.

What I like the most is that it uses leftovers from the previous days and the meal plans use a lot of the same ingredients from one day to the next…

There’s nothing I hate more than having to buy the jar of some condiment that you only need a teaspoon of for one meal and then the jar sits in your cupboard for 6 years until it goes bad or you decide to finally throw it out.

Or that you have to buy a large bunch of parsley when your one recipe only calls for a 1/4 tablespoon. Plus, cooking and preparing large batches of stuff like chicken or dressings ahead of time saves time in the long run.

I figure what have I got to lose?

Follow along with me in my clean eating experiment and watch me succeed or watch me lose my shit! Thanks for reading!

This is the face that inspires me to change the way I eat and what I make for my family.


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