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Day 1: I’m Hungry

After convincing my two month old son to give me one more hour of sleep we woke up around 8:30 this morning. Of course, I cannot have my breakfast until he gets his, so finally at 9:00, after weighing myself, I made my first shake of the challenge: the Kale and Banana Smoothy.

You can find the recipe and all the recipes for today here. They really should have started off the challenge with a more visually appealing shake and not something that looks like it belongs in my son’s diaper.

Surprisingly, it doesn’t taste as bad as it looks. You can’t even taste the kale. It just tastes like banana, which is great, if you like bananas. I think I might add some blueberries to the next one.


I was feeling pretty good at this point about my decision to start this clean eating experiment. However, an hour later, I was hungry.  I also really missed my morning coffee.

I decided to drink some water as it fills up your tummy, warding off hunger pains, and I’m supposed to get at least 60oz a day, according to the “rules”. By 11:00 I couldn’t take it anymore so I decided to prepare lunch: Shaved Asparagus Salad with Shallots and Fried Eggs.

I have to say this salad is very filling. The lemon dressing really awakens the asparagus and the creamy feta is so yummy. But I will say this: there is too much oil. I wouldn’t add the extra oil to the pan to fry the eggs. I use good quality olive oil but I don’t like to fry my eggs in it. I ended up patting down the eggs with paper towel.

An hour later I was hungry again. And sleepy. My son is sleeping again so I decide to lie down with him but I didn’t sleep. I couldn’t get images of Hershey Almond chocolate bars out of my head (one of my favorites when I was pregnant).

Our walk around the mall left me feeling as though I was 9 months pregnant again. Zero energy. I know it’s not supposed to happen overnight but I didn’t think I would feel worse than before I started this experiment.

Walking by the food court was agony. I had decided it was time to leave before the tears started.

Snack 1 of the day is 1/4 cup of hummus with some carrots. I figure there is no use in dirtying up a spatula and another dish so I am eating the hummus straight out of the measuring cup.

I could probably eat another half a cup of the hummus, but I will refrain.

At this point, a nap was definitely in order and we passed out on the couch for an hour.

Dinner was actually a lot of work as my son decided that he really didn’t want me to do anything that didn’t involve my boob in his mouth.

I roasted the chicken, cooked the quinoa, steamed the kale and made the vinegarette. It wasn’t until 8:30pm I finally got to eat my dinner and I have to say, not a fan. Maybe it’s not supposed to be eaten cold. My dear husband is a saint to pretend to like the dish but I won’t be hurrying to make it again any time soon.

Because dinner was so late I had my second snack of the day for desert: one pear thinly sliced with a drizzle of almond butter.

It is now 11:30 at night by the time my son decides to go to bed for the night (hopefully) and I as I am lying in bed writing this all I can say about this first day is I’M HUNGRY!


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