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Day 0: Shopping and Prep.

I wanted to see if this challenge was affordable first before I decided to commit to anything (being on maternity leave has left us very conscious of our spending habits and bank accounts).

I wrote out the shopping list (probably should have just printed the PDF and saved time) and priced out all the ingredients from online prices and the flyers I had, just to get a rough idea of what I would be spending.

Some items I already had on hand like eggs, oats, chia seeds and carrots, so I didn’t include those in my pre-pricing. The rough estimate was $200 for just the first week! So I took to the internet and tried to find some coupons. Do you know how hard it is to find coupons for whole, non processed foods? Impossible it seems!

So it was looking pretty bleak. However, I started to think smarter. I thought to myself: if I shop in the bulk section I can shave a few bucks off and if I only get two large tomatoes instead of four and use up the cherry tomatoes I have already and only get three chicken breasts on the bone and get the rest later or use the boneless frozen one I have the freezer, I can save a few more bucks on this trip, etc.

So off I went to the store! With a baby strapped to my chest, an empty cart and no coupons, I got almost everything on my list. I couldn’t find the Napa cabbage at this particular store nor could I find clementines but I know a different store carries these items. I’ll get them a different day.

In total I spent only $135. I did redeem 2000 points to get $5 off my blueberries but because I spent over $100 I got 4000 points so there was no net loss there. (I am a points hoarder, I plan on saving until I can get either an iPad or a trip somewhere.)

Upon returning home, I threw the turkey in the freezer and prepared my smoothy packs. There’s only six, each with only one or two ingredients in them. The mango I have bought seems a little on the underripe side. It is hard to pick a good mango! Don’t judge.

Tonight is the last night before the challenge so I cooked the last of the bacon in the fridge (so I don’t waste, of course) and toss it in my salad. Tonight I will enjoy my last cheese burger from McD’s. Tomorrow the experiment begins! Wish me luck.

20140613-174436-63876369.jpg my fridge is stocked with fresh fruits and veggies!



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